Wedding Planning + Decor Inspiration

Did you know that on average only 31% of engaged couples hire a wedding planner?

I came across an article on not long ago that wrote about these statistics. It was kind of shocking to learn that they’re still 69% of couples who do not hire a wedding planner(kudos to you guys).

My wife Valerie and I did not hire a planner and while everything turned out great, and we are still happily married, I would be lying if I said that we did not have any wedding day stresses. Luckily we have a great support group, and plenty of family members who voluntereed(sorta) with set up and tear down of our wedding— so we kinda got spoiled a bit!

At the end of the day, If you’re the assiduous type, and feel that you can handle planning your entire wedding, I seriuosly commend you. I have documented plenty of weddings that did not have a wedding planner and the the wedding turned out amazing— they even had time and energy to bring together some great wedding decor details.

I’m not writing this to discouarge you from hiring a wedding planner, in fact I would suggest visiting The Knot and taking a look at this article— “Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner”. Again, kudos to you if you know you got your wedding day covered.

Just in case you still need some wedding day decor inspiration, we’ve compiled some photos for yah!